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Life Care Centers of America’s Whatever It Takes And Then Some program honors associates who go beyond their job descriptions in caring for residents, their families and fellow associates. Here are three of the inspiring stories from our September 2019 winners:


Lymarie Albino, certified nursing assistant at Life Care Center of Altamonte Springs, Florida, had the idea to host a carnival on her unit. She planned the costumes, music, food and activities for the residents on her own so residents could relive carnivals from their younger days. Residents on other units heard about the fun and participated in the carnival as well.


Lorinda Fairchild, social worker at Life Care Center of Morehead, Kentucky, took it upon herself to make the west wing TV room feel more like home for fall. She went out and bought decorations and decorated the room for the season.


Andrea Carr, certified nursing assistant at Renaissance Park Multi Care Center in Fort Worth, Texas, helped a family out when a resident wanted to walk with her daughter down the hall. Carr saw the resident trying to stand up unsuccessfully and getting upset, came to her aid and helped her walk from the dining room to her own room, encouraging her all the way, even though the trip took about 20 minutes. Knowing that the resident’s husband, who was also present, was anxious, she then turned to the husband and made sure he was OK and assured him that she would help get the resident to bed and make sure she was resting well before she left for the night.